Art Deco in the Art of Cufflink Design

Art Deco is an interesting movement in the decorative arts. It was originally called “Art Moderne” – modern art, or “Style Moderne”, and what fascinates me is its forward looking spirit. It’s celebration of the idea of ‘future’ and innovation whilst simultaneously seeking to include qualities of fine craftsmanship, fine materials and opulence in an approach that draws on a very wide range of influences, from Mayan art to Cubism. In other words; a truly eclectic and international one.

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Art Deco likes the arching form, the sunburst, ray, keystone; it enjoys symmetry and a kind of exuberant tensile strength. These are the inspiration behind some of my semi-precious cufflinks, including, deco fan, deco keystone and deco sunburst designs, and many others over the years.

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But ‘Deco’ is pretty infectious: it’s love of the sculptural and architectural, rendered as elegantly as possible tends to creep into many of my cufflink designs even if they are not explicitly deco. Art Deco is like a rather beautiful motif which accompanies me in my design work, a comfort, always

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