Crystal Maze 2017 – Host and Contestant Outfits By Simon Carter

Crystal Maze. First aired in 1990, for many of us it is a show we have grown up with. It has all the right ingredients – puzzles, peril, crystals and now Simon Carter! I have been tasked with designing the contestants’ outfits and supplying clothing for the show’s new presenter Richard Ayoade.

It is a real honour and a privilege to dress Richard whose style fits so well with the Simon Carter aesthetic. Rich is a big fan of my printed shirts, some of which have been ‘brought forward’ from their planned launch next year because he was so fond of them. I have also designed the outfits for the show’s contestants – it was tough.

Time was an issue but I think all the elements have come together really well – the big logo, the bold identifying coloured stripes, the practicality of outfits that see a lot of action! This has been a great experience, a lot of fun.

Welcome back Crystal Maze!

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