‘Macra Dance’ Is A Liberty Design Classic Exclusive To Simon Carter

macra dance

Robert Stewart was a Scottish designer and artist, a contemporary of Lucienne Day and one of the few designers she admired. Together they pioneered modern British textile design after the war. A prolific maker, Stewart produced paintings, tapestries, graphics, ceramics and murals but it is his textile designs that have been most influential, particularly those produced for Liberty. ‘Macra Dance’ was originally called Macrahanish and was created by Robert Stewart in 1954. This archive Liberty of London design is exclusive to Simon Carter. Dignified, aristocratic, marionette-like figures ride giant, semi-mechanical fish. An autochthon raises his arms in a gesture of worship perhaps and a magic, elemental force passes between them. I particularly like how the drawings have been surrounded by an imprecise light area, isolating or containing them gently in the soft blue ground. An abstract, highly creative device. A beautiful, accomplished design.

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