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One of the downsides of owning a classic Ferrari is that I seem to spend as much time with the car behind me on the RAC trailer as I do behind the wheel. This happened a couple of weeks ago. Jezebel, as I laughingly call her, had been delivered from her second home in Kent, namely Fosker’s the Ferrari specialists. ‘Oh yes,’ they assured me, ‘we’ve fixed the terrible misfiring problem. It was a broken tab washer on the timing drive nut’.

And indeed they had. I drove the 140 miles from my home in South London up to my cottage with a wide smile on my face, attracting envious glances the whole journey. On reflection, they may have been pitying looks, but let’s not stray there.

The following morning, I turned the key and a reluctant V8 spluttered and banged and lurched down the road with exactly the same problem as before.

It’s not a wise idea to drive a car like that on half an engine sounding like a bizarre and expensive fireworks display and so, with a depressing sense of déjà vu, I rang the RAC. They speedily sent out a man with a trailer and we were off back to London.

It’s a fair journey at the best of times, but in an overheated, cigarette ash filled cab, in rush hour, it’s easy to get a glimpse of eternity. Especially as Eddie’s pick up was limited to 55mph. To while away the time, Eddie opened the conversation with ‘So what about this Brexit business then…..’ and I knew I was in for a very long drive indeed.

He was a Brexiteer, and laid his cards out. They included some very familiar arguments such as Brussels telling us what to do (“give an example, Eddie”, I said, but none there came) through to too many immigrants (would that include the nice Polish girl who just made your coffee at the motorway services? No? Well, Eddie, I’m afraid it would). And by the Blackwall Tunnel he had undergone something of a conversion and said he’d vote to stay if he could.

The subject of change has been much on my mind this season, and especially as we look ahead to 2018. Five years ago, who could have foreseen that the two weeks around Black Friday would be as important as Christmas itself? I would never had predicted that I’d have as many stores in India as in the UK. It’s simplistic to say, but none the less vital to understand, that change is faster and more important that ever. The winners will be those that positively embrace this. I for one, can’t wait. I’m positive and excited about the opportunities for next year.

Here’s to change.

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