My Top 5 Pieces For Spring/Summer 2020

As we move into a new season, Spring 2020 arrives with a bold approach. The way men dress is getting more adventurous. Strong tints and exuberant forms take their place at Spring get togethers, events and weddings. My SS20 range is bursting with florals and interesting, overlooked sources of inspiration – early 20th century cigarette cards anyone?


Bugs And Wildflowers Joyous Colour Shirt

Cobwebs, caterpillars, starfish and pansies. Spiders, snails, a blue seahorse! And much more. A vivid, bright design with rich, saturated colour within which a plethora of charmingly illustrated natural forms dances energetically. Pure joy.


Bugs & wildflowers shirt


Jacquard And Printed Tropical Flowers And Birds Superior Cotton Shirt

Another example of a recent innovation of mine, which is to combine jacquard pattern making with printed elements. The underlying motifs are rendered as part of the weave of the fabric, emerging from the loom in one operation. Printed elements are overlaid on this to produce a really fascinating juxtaposition especially where the woven and printed elements overlap.


Tropical flowers & birds shirt


Enamel And Swarovski Crystal Love Bird Cufflink

A cufflink suggested by themes from my shirts collection, in which tropical birds are often featured, this is a hand made and painted enamel love bird. Lustrous greens, reds, cobalt blue and pink are applied to a metal base form to give a soft, rich jewel-like effect.


Love bird cufflinks


Ginger Tom Enamel And Swarovski Cufflink

A ginger tom, the archetypal sassy feline – independent, chilled, struts his stuff in my new enamel cufflink. Hand made and painted, so that each cat is a little bit different – something I welcome and celebrate in my enamel pieces.


Ginger Tom cufflinks


‘Hayle’ Onyx Technical Combination Bracelet

Hayle in onyx is a wrap bracelet with two loops of braided black leather. It features a section of small onyx beads with disc metal dividers between polished dome findings and black infilled barrel bead sculptural forms. It also has my high tech trigger clasp closer, etched branded ‘Simon Carter’ on the side.


Onyx combination bracelet


Get inspired and discover this season’s collection of printed shirts, cufflinks, jewellery and more of my signature designs. Visit us in store for an up close look at your favourite products, you can find your nearest London store here.

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