Season Round Up – Simon’s 5 Favourites From The Summer Range

Summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors and taking in the colour and nostalgia of the (mostly) sunny season. And when the weather isn’t on our side, we can turn to apparel for inspiration and an overall mood boost. My latest range of Summer pieces celebrates bold patterns and familiar forms, offering an array of clothing and accessories that will add a healthy dose of personality to formal looks.


Simon Carter Liberty Walter Floral Mustard Shirt

Part of Liberty’s ‘Aesthetic Renaissance’ collection which celebrates the life and vision of the company’s founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty. One of the original merchant adventurers Arthur Liberty introduced the fascinating, exotic design ideas he had encountered to the emerging aesthetic movement, of which Liberty became a central pillar. This design ‘Walter’ is reminiscent of bold, decorative ceramic tiles of the early 20th century. A stylised sunflower repeats in a sumptuous, but restrained palette of ochre yellow tones with lavender, carmine and indigo accents interspersed. A breathtakingly confident, joyous design classic.


Liberty Walter Floral Mustard Shirt



Simon Carter Liberty Emma Louise Vintage Ditzy Floral Tana Lawn Shirt

Also part of Liberty’s ‘Aesthetic Renaissance’ collection. Emma Louise was Arthur Liberty’s wife. This design hails from the early 1900s. A host of pretty, exuberantly stylised small flowers – roses, buttercups, forget-me-nots, anemones cluster together in a classic ditzy floral repeat. Pure joy!



Simon Carter Darwin Monkey Evolution Tigerseye Cufflink

A more naturalistic rendering of a monkey joins the ‘Darwin’ range. With a clear influence from Japanese netsuke he is nicely detailed and finished in a bright antiqued patina, holding an ovoid piece of real tigerseye, to add colour, depth and intrigue. Rather intricate and charming.


Simon Carter Darwin Monkey Evolution Tigerseye Cufflink



Simon Carter Darwin Octopus In Rose Gold And Blue Goldstone Cufflink

A new addition to my ‘Darwin’ range of animal cufflinks. Slightly more stylised than hitherto Darwin octopus is rendered in sultry rose gold with a dome of mysterious blue goldstone for his head. Tentacles intertwine and writhe, somewhat in the manner of a Celtic knot and he has sparkly clear genuine Swarovski eyes.


Darwin Octopus In Rose Gold And Blue Goldstone Cufflink



Simon Carter Liberty Safari Tana Lawn Shirt

Another great Shirt from Liberty’s ‘Aesthetic Renaissance’ collection. Inspired by Arthur and Emma Louise’s visits to Africa and India this is a fun, playful design which crams as many animals as possible into one energetic space! But it is the way they are drawn which intrigues – in a very free but skilled looping continuous line. Then the forms are coloured very artfully with a loose ink wash in such a way that the linear and colour elements retain their own space and character. Very tastefully done indeed.


Simon Carter Liberty Safari Tana Lawn Shirt


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