Simon Carter Shirts and Liberty of London

I feel very privileged to be given access to some archive Liberty of London designs, which I use to create some of my beautiful men’s shirts.

These designs are exclusive to Simon Carter. Examples are ‘Parrot Paradise’ – an exuberant, rich, luxurious pattern, from a tiled design by William De Morgan, friend of, and supplier to William Morris. William Morris is one of my all time heroes, and the other thing which is so nice about the Liberty relationship is that it connects me to the great man and his legacy.


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Liberty of London founded their print works on the site established by Morris in Merton, by the river Wandle, and many of Morris’s creations have featured in Liberty’s fine fabrics ever since. William Morris wasn’t only a designer. He was also and artist, philanthropist, social reformer, writer and philosopher. William Morris thought that anything which could be made, that could be looked at, could be art.


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I agree. It is a beautiful thing to, in the spirit of this still radical idea, try to smudge the line, or imaginary line, which separates fine art and design. Some of these Simon Carter exclusive archive Liberty prints are design classics, such as the oriental inspired ‘Fish Print’, made at Merton in the 60s, and ‘Parasol Print’, based on an original by Winifred Mold – who worked as a designer between 1912 and 1935. I love the sense of provenance, history and connection these fine Liberty prints provide.

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