Simon Carter’s Christmas 2019 Gift Guide

We all appreciate a little luxury at Christmas time and finding something special under the tree makes the big day even more exciting and memorable. We know that some people can be hard to buy for, which is why I have picked out some of my favourite pieces from this season that will make the perfect gift for someone special. 


Outer Space Series Robot Cufflink

Fun antique finish robot cufflink with a celestial, sparkles and blue goldstone head, or ‘Central Control Unit’, to use the correct term. Three genuine Swarovski crystal ‘LEDs’ – red = ‘on’, amber = ‘off’, green = ‘Initiate Total World Domination’ (overrides the other two). Beautifully constructed and insanely endearing, though very very powerful.





Black Nappa Leather And Suede Driving Gloves

Elegant black gloves in softest Nappa leather and suede. The palm is leather and the upper part is a very fine suede with three sewn points, or reinforcing ribs. The glove is lined with 100% wool for warmth and comfort. This is rather a finely crafted glove which would be suitable for driving.





‘Tarquin’ T Rex Toff Orange Pocket Square

It’s well known that tyrannosaurs were posh, compared to allosaurus – common as muck. Pocket square with a t-rex, called Tarquin,  sporting a top hat, a nice silk, Paisley patterned waistcoat, a monocle and holding a cup of Lady Grey tea. A fun original design by my talented design team.





Red Edge Leather Navy Jeans Wallet

Red edge navy jeans wallet is a genuine high quality leather useful wallet for cards and notes. It has a total of six compartments for cards and two for notes. The main part of the wallet is in a rich, deep navy with a striking red colouring to the edges of the leather pieces.




Quadrant Men’s Cologne 35ml

This is Quadrant, my fine fragrance. Made in England its name is inspired by my love of classical architecture and fond memories of the first Simon Carter shop in Regent Street’s Quadrant Arcade. The bottle, laser etched with our house Paisley pattern, is made by Pochet of France, glass artisans for over 200 years.



Treat someone special this Christmas and browse other great gift ideas from my range of accessories and cufflinks.

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