Spring/Summer 2014 | Queue for the Zoo – Liberty print by OK David

Queue for the zoo collage

We’ve got some fantastic Liberty prints hitting the shelves for Spring/Summer 2014 and one of our new designs has featured on the Channel 4 documentary ‘Liberty of London’.

We caught up with the illustrator David who told us a bit about his inspiration for this exotic print.

So, tell us a bit about yourself…

Hello, I write novels and short stories. I think I’m obsessed by writing about being carefree and doing whatever the hell you want to do, because those are what all my stories are about. I went to boarding school – that’s where I learned the habit of staying up late writing and drawing. My brother is the real illustrator in the family but lately I’ve found myself drawing all the time. People ask me to make pictures for them. I always insist the pictures tell a story.

When did you start working with Liberty?

I got to work with Liberty thanks to a literary agent showing my website to her designer friend. There was a picture of a tiger her friend liked, which I’d made in a hurry to go with an old story of mine called The Fool in the Tiger House, and when she asked me to draw more animals I thought why not? I never thought anything would come of this, but it turned out she worked at Liberty.

We love the name for this print! Where did it come from?

The name Queue for the Zoo came about because the animals look like they are in procession to see a spectacle. In fact the first name was Animal Jam but that didn’t reflect this idea of a parade I had become fixated on.

The intricate details of each illustration makes this design wonderfully unique. What inspired you?

For me a picture tells a story or is part of a story. It all comes down to adding character. If you look at the animals in Queue for the Zoo you’ll notice the parrots are wearing a fez and a medal, the giraffe has two pairs of trainers and the elephants are carrying suitcases and throwing paper airplanes. I like to make things mischievous and odd. Peer at the others and you’ll see other little details. In the end I drew 22 animals for Liberty and I think they chose 8. Their design team arranged the pattern repeat in that classic Liberty style and chose the colours they liked best. They’re lovely people to work with. My zebra, wolf and leopards didn’t make the grade, which is a shame because I love them.

Take a look at OK David’s website for more of his creative and quirky illustrations


Queue for the zoo - Liberty of London_group

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