‘Sun Man’ Is A Liberty Design Classic Exclusive To Simon Carter

Liberty Sun Man

The artist and designer Robert Stewart was a contemporary of Lucienne Day and one of the few designers she admired. Together they pioneered British textile design after the war. A prolific creator, Stewart produced paintings, tapestries, graphics, ceramics and murals but it is his textile designs that have been the most influential, particularly those produced by Liberty. Created by Robert Stewart and printed at Liberty’s Merton works in 1950 ‘Sun Man’ is an archive Liberty of London design exclusive to Simon Carter. A totemic smiling sun face is surrounded by triangular, irregularly drawn elements, looping, criss-cross and trefoil devices. A design which mixes the quirky, or endearing, with pure abstraction – a Robert Stewart hallmark. And suggests perhaps a primitive celebration of the power of natural forces. A beautifully resolved design in a muted grey-blue with white accents and a notable confidence in the underlying draughtsmanship and sense of balance. ‘Moore’ three button cuff.

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