These Shoes Are Made For Walking


I move around a lot: planes, trains, automobiles and walking betwixt. Which is why I am, e’en as we speak, wearing a pair of my own tan desert boots. They are extremely comfortable. I should probably get one of those devices that counts how many miles you clock up walking. I have a feeling I’d be surprised. So comfort of the feet is important. We’ve all done it – bought a pair of nice looking shoes only to find after a couple of hundred yards that the Spanish Inquisition has been let loose on your heels. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather not be going about strapped to a pair of Medieval torture devices.

Desert boots were popularised by Clark’s in the 50s having been discovered by Nathan Clark whilst on active service in the eighth army in Burma. Nathan noticed that officers were wearing a variant of ‘chukka’ boots. The design had originated in Cairo, commissioned by soldiers whose army issue boots had failed in the desert terrain. The desert boot was light and gripped well.

I love the idea of Nathan Clark keeping one eye open for fashion opportunities for the family business in the midst of war. The Burma campaign wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

So there we have it. My version of this combat born classic has been thoroughly road tested, by me. Keeping me propped up, fresh footed and perfectly equipped to take on the urban jungle in style.

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