Vintage Cufflinks | Simon & Gervaise have been up to their usual tricks…

Vintage Cufflinks3

I have a real passion for antiques and there is nothing I enjoy more than stumbling across a fantastic hidden antique store or unknown auction on my travels around England. It’s such a thrill to find Edwardian Whitefriars glass or other collectables … in unexpected places!

Most recently Gervaise and I were rummaging through my cellar in search of a bottle of vintage wine and spotted a large leather suitcase I hadn’t seen for a while… Ever inquisitive,  I opened the trunk to find a collection of beautiful pewter cufflinks I designed in the early 90s. My first thought was to add them to my archive; however this seemed all too greedy so I have decided to release them exclusively online.

Each design was handmade in rural Sussex from pewter using traditional jeweller’s tools. Some feature rich Swarovski crystals, while the classic pewter only designs are textured or engraved. There are limited numbers of each design, and I hope to see them all go to good homes!


Vintage Cufflinks2



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