Absolutely blooming Florals!

This year I’ll be popping along to the Chelsea Flower Show. It’s one of my favourite events. The hard work and creativity of the exhibitors is always so impressive and makes my tiny plot of suburban chaos suffer a serious inferiority complex. We’ve ‘pruned’ a little ‘arrangement’ of shirts and accessories for you. It’s a positive ‘bouquet’ of gorgeousness. Ok…enough with the puns. On a more serious note, you really can’t go wrong with our Wonder Garden shirt. It’s delicate shades of pinks and quiet subtlety work well from the Champagne Bar at Chelsea to the Little Barningham Church Dog Show. This is the ideal shirt to go under a linen jacket; smart but casual. Team it with our Botanicals silk pocket square and you’re set to go.

Perhaps you’re off to a more formal event? The our Dragonfly or Ladybird cufflinks make the perfect choice. Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen…..

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