Mini budget of new shirts!

Mini budget of new shirts!

Here’s some lovely new shirts to take your mind off the pound collapsing to levels not seen since the Napoleonic Wars. While our economy is going to hell in a hand cart, we’ve been beavering away to bring you a batch of autumnal beauties. There’s all the richness and detailing you’ve come to expect from us, with humour thrown in to lighten the mood. (Kwasi, take note). ‘Hattie Park’, made from Liberty fabric, is just such an example. A classic Liberty floral has been reinterpreted by self-confessed doodle addict, Hattie Park, and she’s added whimsical comic faces in the flowers. I’ve just been told by Alex, my Warehouse Manager, that we’re very low on stock already so fingers on buzzers.

Another belter is Moroccan doors with its super saturated colours and proudly worn by Paul Merton a couple of weeks ago, so there you go. Versatile and striking, it’s easy to pair under a navy blazer.

My last pick is 80’s Handkerchiefs. I’m a child of the 80’s and the time seems very now for such a bold, shoulder pad sort of design. One of the better things to come out of that decade as we apparently need to revisit Thatcherism……


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